Essentially High

Essentially High

This set of songs was recorded in collaboration with Karlton Coffin. Karlton donated his time and studio ( Liquid Reality Studios) once a week on Friday for a year (2008-2009) as well as did the bass, backup vocals and some lead embellishments. Karlton was great to work with and the most collaboration I’ve done on any of my song sets. The awesome graphics were done by my son Sean Burles and his friend Shay McAnally and the mastering was done by Ryan Foster. This was a year full of cool events (my Aunt’s 80th birthday which I made “Pat’s Song” for the occasion), a 2 month sabbatical from the Intel grind, trips to Whistler with my two amazing Son’s (Sean and Aaron) and my continued love affair with my wonderful partner in life (Sherry)..
Below are a few tracks, so have a listen and let me know what you think?
Completed April 2009
Words and Music: Jim Burles
Harmony/Backing Vocals, Bass & Drums by Karlton Coffin
Additional musical embellishments by Coffin and Burles
Produced by Karlton Coffin and Jim Burles
Recorded at Liquid Reality Studios 2008/2009
Graphics: Sean Burles and Shay McAnally
Mastering: Ryan Foster

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——– Song Lyrics —————–
He stood at the grave,
by a withered old tree.
said: “a sense of sadness captures me”.

Buried in the Colville federation.
Lies the chief of the Nez Pearce nation.

A wind comes up from the eastern plane,
And sweeps across his humble grave,

He looks to the mountains as sun falls away,
and from that wind he can hear him say.
Send for me,
When the sun ascends from the eastern sky.
When darkness fades and the earth abides.

Send for me,
When we learn to live in harmony.
And truth is more than talking dreams.

Send for me…
A thousand miles of misery,
They marched and fought just to be free.

Just south of the Canada rim,
Near the Bear Paw Mountains they had to give in.

Good men were lost,
they were tired and cold.
he called for his warriors,
to lay down their bows.

Listen my Chiefs,
“From where the sun now stands I’ll fight no more.
Let us find our children and take them home.”

Set us free…
“May serenity circle on silent wings,
and catch the whisper of the winds”

and set us free…

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He walked out,
Into the street all alone..

the rain came down,
the wind was bitter and cold..

the bus was late,
but then it never is on time.

He sat down,
thoughts went spinning through his mind…

I Used to believe, you could search for the truth..
spent so much time, dissecting the blues.
I read the text, from ancient hands,
  that was Scribed so long ago..

I fasted in the woods for days,
and tried so hard to know.
An inner peace, enlightened by,
some words in memory..

But nothing came,
I was still the same,
And I had nothing to show,
nothing to show..


into the night, the diesel lumbered on at last.
The lights flashed by, reflections in the rain swept glass.

He watched the drops, forming patterned waterfalls.
He saw then,
The simple wonder of it all…

I used to believe, you could search for the truth.
I spent my life, dissecting the clues…
what one man calls mythology,
another calls the truth..
words truncate, and we mistake,
the meaning of their clues..
from answers there are questions,
that words cannot explain.
from the simplest form, the universe is born,
in never-ending ways..

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walking on ground, head in the sky,
feeling profound, and essentially high.

talk to myself and answer in turn,
no need to go crazy, with excessive concern
Just let it go…
sanction peace from the shade of your soul..

Let it go..
don’t let a mad world swallow you whole..

let it go..
late last night, it was sleep interrupted.
the head noise assembled,and began the discussions.

the subjects were nonsense, and yet so sublime..
Like the cat in the hat was moderating my mind.
just let it go…
let the fog run over the snow..

Let it go…
don’t delude the only brain that you own.

just let it go…
I can feel the summer, in the pouring rain.
Falling on the streets, like it will never end.

And I know you know me,
Like no one else can, and that’s such a fine thing, to share my friend..
Just walking home…
To a place, it’s a space, that we know..

Walking home…
Just down the street to my Sellwood adobe.

Walking home…

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