Fathers Song

Fathers Song

Completed May 2012 in memory of my father John W. Burles
Words and Music by Jim Burles
Additional musical embellishments by Jim Burles
Produced by Jim Burles
Recorded in the Basement ..
Graphics & Painting by Sean Burles
Mastering by Mike Dominici


The moon rose on a saipan sea,
the night winds they came gently,
the plane was fueled and ready to go.

A B-29 named Enola Gay,
flew out low over the sea that day,
in her hold a monster lay silently still –

a beast that had no eye’s to see,
a mindless demon that we conceived.
out of from this vessel of steel hell would be unleashed,
made by the hands of man,
it lives in infamy.

Fire bombs raged, they pounded the land,
for months and months without end.
the war was over, the emperor sought peace,
but the generals would never give in…
when will the madness end?
when will there be –
peace again?

Predawn split the summer sky,
as the bomber rose out from the night,
it’s engines droned a requiem mournfully…
gravity’s hands took the bomb in tow,
the velocity of steel for an instance slowed –
then came the blast horizon –
the death and dying.

Pandora’s box was open wide,
we never – ever should have looked inside.
was a warm summer morning,
another day of life had begun,
into that peaceful sky,
burst the light of a million suns!

and they,
they cried,
for those that once were alive,
after the storm,
there was calm,
then the children of the bomb…

They never should –
have died!
the world bowed it’s head –
and cried!

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this is a tale from the youngest son,
about a father he once knew,
Born to the great depression,
Under a December moon.

He rode the rails when he was young,
A reluctant vagabond,
Many years have passed and gone,
This is how we remember John.
He was there when we were young and innocent,
Working hard to survive,
So we could exist.

He was there when we were young and on our own,
Helping hold up our dreams,
More than we could ever know.
His parents split when he was young,
His father a mystery,
He changed the path of his past,
To forge the man he would be.

He was a dreamer,
A mathematician, a seeker of the truth,
A dedicated fan of Da Vinci,
Conan, and Dr. Zeus
and I recall his smile most,
There was that twinkle in his eye,
He was a good man of few words,
And we shared his life.
This is for the ones that came before,
That have left the world we see,
We take their place,
In the greater race,
Of current history.

So let’s toast to those that were,
And to those that will be.
To all the mother’s and father’s,
May you find the strength you need.
Hold them close when they are young and innocent,
Be the friend,
When you can,
And you’ll learn how to bend.

And I recall from time to time,
How much I didn’t know,
And the memories fade,
In light cascades,
Into the long ago.

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random radio-
“Said the Queen of Sheba,
was so easy to displease…
and the son of Samson,
grew his hair down to his knees…”
the radio politicians were pandering their lines,
as they discussed Naomi Watts,
in Mulholland Drive.
They were taking their time,
they were somewhat high,
they were driving down the boulevard,
laying plans for Friday at five.
Later that same evening,
near the dark side of the moon.
A shape of some magnitude,
set down on a highland dune.
The Alien technicians were calibrating lines,
for the the Worm Hole projection,
to the Hydra Clusters eye..
They were taking their time,
they were somewhat high,
they were prepping tubes, and tweaking knobs,
plans were laid,
for Friday at five…
Meanwhile back on Earth,
the boys were wielding up the forms.
Gyro’s set per the plans they found – it was a – quarter to four.
They rolled it out in the sunlight,
faced it up into the sky,
got inside and fired it up, and strapped in for the ride…
They were taking their time,
they were somewhat high,
They were riding on the solar winds,
passed Jupiter’s Eye,
it was Friday @ 5!

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As he lay a- sleeping,
In a bed of autumn leaves,
scattered bits of color came to him as in a dream –

Bursting from the sun,
their explosions filled the sky,
transformed to butterfly’s,
silken wings of light in mind…

he feels the wind in his bones,
he feels the wind like home,
he opens up his eyes and…
the dream does not fade away

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There’ll come a time –
I know we’ll see,
when the heart of peace,
will set us free,
like a moonlit night,
on a warm calm sea.

There is no past,
that can’t be changed,
within each present,
a future’s made,
look to the sun,
just go,
just go, that way.
And time, oh time just fades away…
rise up,
rise up and meet your day.

Somewhere in your mind you hold,
the key that opens up your door…

Open eyes,
just let go,
let the love within you grow,
just be kind, and forgive,
and you’ll live and live and live!

From the substance of the woods,
to run the trails,
and feel that good,
it’s just that animal energy.

Some say truth is what you know,
some say Love is blind and so,
let your mind know love,
just let it grow…

Rain, ah rain all over me,
wash away the fears,
just set them free..

Somewhere in your mind you hold,
the key that opens up your door…

Open eyes,
and restart,
all the passions of your heart.

Just be kind, and forgive,
and you’ll live and live and live –
there’s no time for the hate,
there’s no time for you to wait,
just be kind,
to your soul,
and love the life you know…

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