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Listen to this tale of long ago,
At the end of the world where the albatross roam,
When the clippers, and the whalers where sailing thru the horn,
They crossed the line, at the end of the world,
Into a deep, and dark unknown

Three months gone from the docks of England,
We’re bound for Frisco round the horn,
The whisky’s gone and the rats are leaving,
And we’ll know hell before it’s morn.
Haul on the bowlin man,
Haul on the line,
Haul on the bowlin man,
The packet she’s a a-rollin down the line.
It got dark, as I recall,
Night came before Sun-fall,
Light Strands, burned the sky
then came the waves..
we crossed the line at the end of the world,
40 south is the dead man’s pearl;
The ice winds snap as the sails endure,
And the yards bend the main, as the ship,
she rolls and curls..
Darkness swept in cold and hard,
Eclipsed the sun and sky
The vast dark sea, it pounded on,
insane before our eyes
and they say that 40 south is hell at sea,
and at 50 south even God will leave
the west winds rage like a nightmare dream),
and the waves are like walls, the waves are walls – moving free
Haul on the bowlin man,
Haul on the line,
Haul on the bowlin man,
Just hole ‘er fast, and we’ll get home alive.
Set a course were the trade winds a-blowing,
A gentle breeze, and a rollin sea,
If you don’t see me on the docks in the morning,
I’ll meet you home in fiddler’s green.

We see the land and the cold dark mountains,
The west winds raging down the line,
Give us hope for our safe passage,
And say a pray for our lives.

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Have you seen the web today?
They’ve found a cure for kings.
They’ve landed on the moon again
and probed thru Saturn’s rings.

In the hope of…
finding some,
answers to the questions,
from the minds of…
a billion people.

So I say to the man in love,
take it now,
or you’ll think,
you never
should of.
Dream the dream
to hold her near,
to feel her touch,
and never fear…
the words,
she says,
to you.

So they’ve found new galaxies,
at redshift 6.6,
from the long, long ago,
they’ve measured through the rift.

In the hope of,
finding some,
answers to the questions,
from the distance of…
a billion light years.

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Be the friend,
to the end,
be the friend.

Be the ground,
Solid and sound,
be the ground.

Be the child,
free and wild,
be the child.

Be the man,
do what you can,
be the man.

Be the one that lives with color and grace.
Be free,
and far from the chains of hate.

Be the one that dreams by the light of the moon.
Take time,
don’t live your life too soon.

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Be the friend,
to the end,
be the friend.

Be the ground,
solid and sound,
ah – be the ground.

Be the child,
free and wild,
ah – be the child.

Be the man,
do what you can,
ah – be the man.
Be the one that lives with color and grace.
Be free,
and far from the chains of hate.

Be the one that dreams by the light of the moon.
Take time,
don’t live your life to soon.

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By the cliffs of Arago,
the waves roll in from deep and ancient snow.

Winds blew down from northern seas,
in the air gulls flew weightlessly.

like angry Gods the storm clouds brewed,
out at sea the thunder rolled and boomed..
from this field the ocean shines,
casting lights of silver into the day;
and it’s here I stand,
before the land,
were I was born and raised.
from the light of days,
above the seas,
the body sings to the world,
and my heart it mends,
as the salt air winds,
carry my worries away…
and dreams oh dreams,
they flow with the sea,
they jump and run, they go and come,
the waves of our need.

come away with me,
lets dance to the sun,

fall away with me,
lets dream,
we are one,

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Send me down,
where it all began,
to the start-point of the age of man.

Indulge me now while I spin a tale,
of a complex time, of majestic scale.

Legends spawned, from war and peace,
from sacrifice, and selfless deeds.

The wisdom of the past is present,
The ancient cell,
is always with us.
Here’s to the cast of ages,
the thousand stages,
the endless living song.
Here’s to the sons and daughters,
to all the fathers,
to mothers,
Send me down to a time of youth,
peel back time,
as a child’s truth.

Indulge me now
while I deviate,
and ask no questions,
just see and relate.
To the past, and present tense,
so good to be,
so good to exist.

There were times that I do regret,
but overall,
it’s been a damn good trip!

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——– Song Lyrics —————–
He stood at the grave,
by a withered old tree.
said: “a sense of sadness captures me”.

Buried in the Colville federation.
Lies the chief of the Nez Pearce nation.

A wind comes up from the eastern plane,
And sweeps across his humble grave,

He looks to the mountains as sun falls away,
and from that wind he can hear him say.
Send for me,
When the sun ascends from the eastern sky.
When darkness fades and the earth abides.

Send for me,
When we learn to live in harmony.
And truth is more than talking dreams.

Send for me…
A thousand miles of misery,
They marched and fought just to be free.

Just south of the Canada rim,
Near the Bear Paw Mountains they had to give in.

Good men were lost,
they were tired and cold.
he called for his warriors,
to lay down their bows.

Listen my Chiefs,
“From where the sun now stands I’ll fight no more.
Let us find our children and take them home.”

Set us free…
“May serenity circle on silent wings,
and catch the whisper of the winds”

and set us free…

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The moon rose on a saipan sea,
the night winds they came gently,
the plane was fueled and ready to go.

A B-29 named Enola Gay,
flew out low over the sea that day,
in her hold a monster lay silently still –

a beast that had no eye’s to see,
a mindless demon that we conceived.
out of from this vessel of steel hell would be unleashed,
made by the hands of man,
it lives in infamy.

Fire bombs raged, they pounded the land,
for months and months without end.
the war was over, the emperor sought peace,
but the generals would never give in…
when will the madness end?
when will there be –
peace again?

Predawn split the summer sky,
as the bomber rose out from the night,
it’s engines droned a requiem mournfully…
gravity’s hands took the bomb in tow,
the velocity of steel for an instance slowed –
then came the blast horizon –
the death and dying.

Pandora’s box was open wide,
we never – ever should have looked inside.
was a warm summer morning,
another day of life had begun,
into that peaceful sky,
burst the light of a million suns!

and they,
they cried,
for those that once were alive,
after the storm,
there was calm,
then the children of the bomb…

They never should –
have died!
the world bowed it’s head –
and cried!

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Somewhere in the fog of my emotion,
I see the sunlight breaking through,
Sometimes I wonder why you love me – so,
cause there’s some stupid things I do…

And the hands of time can be lonely,
if that state of mind fits you only,
when your down in your head thinking way to much about you…

Somewhere deep in her Danish eye’s,
the color’s dance and mystify,
the midnight sun, it burns in them,
and molds my heart like clay,

and there she stood in the fallin rain,
the light it danced across her face,
enchanted, dazed and hypnotized,
I had no words to say,
and I sigh,
in her eyes

Silence is the pitfall of mans devotion,
that ego blade that cuts and bleeds,
love is not a quantified emotion,
it’s just the harmony we need…

We’ve been lost in dreams as lovers,
we’ve been workin hard for each other,
we are the friends that blend in that parallel harmony..

Somewhere deep in her Danish eye’s,
the memories they come alive,
so young, so young we were back then,
and hearts were full of play,

and I recall that extent of time,
the measured length that is our lives,
so good to be with you back then,
so blessed to have you now,
and I sigh,
in her eye’s…

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He walked out,
Into the street all alone..

the rain came down,
the wind was bitter and cold..

the bus was late,
but then it never is on time.

He sat down,
thoughts went spinning through his mind…

I Used to believe, you could search for the truth..
spent so much time, dissecting the blues.
I read the text, from ancient hands,
  that was Scribed so long ago..

I fasted in the woods for days,
and tried so hard to know.
An inner peace, enlightened by,
some words in memory..

But nothing came,
I was still the same,
And I had nothing to show,
nothing to show..


into the night, the diesel lumbered on at last.
The lights flashed by, reflections in the rain swept glass.

He watched the drops, forming patterned waterfalls.
He saw then,
The simple wonder of it all…

I used to believe, you could search for the truth.
I spent my life, dissecting the clues…
what one man calls mythology,
another calls the truth..
words truncate, and we mistake,
the meaning of their clues..
from answers there are questions,
that words cannot explain.
from the simplest form, the universe is born,
in never-ending ways..

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It was 1864,
Richmond Virginia in the Civil War,
by the River James…

The Libby Prison held a thousand men,
it was a –
mean ole rat infested pen,
so the tale begins…

Stale corn bread, water for food,
we were misery walking under iron boots.

it was desparate times – and the days dragged on…
the winter winds were blowing down the river to our home –
and we would be,
I say –
we would be free!

…well you know-
it was a man named Rose, and Hamilton too,
that hatched the scheme,
to get us through, to the Federal lines…

To dig a tunnel was a little insane,
but we were game for anyway,
to get us outta there…

Open the wall behind the stove,
to Rat Hell,
where no one goes..

we’ll dig on down,
we’ll dig on down and thru,
with luck we’ll make the long bridge,
before the snow’s let loose,
and we will be,
I say –
we will be free!

…Dontcha know that we –
Dug all night,
well we dug all day,
scrapping dirt as the Rat minions played –
we were motivated!

two foot wide,
no room to breath,
for six weeks we dug tenaciously –
to get us free..

Three tunnels failed,
men almost died,
the forth hit home February 9th…

A hundred escaped-
to freedom that day,
and the winter snows were blowing,
as we made our break-away,
with the river winds we were running,
running all night and day…

Go quick and low –
keep pace but out of sight.
no rest my friends –
till we cross the federal lines…
So best of luck –
we’ll meet up in two days time,
we will be,
I say,
we will be Free!

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walking on ground, head in the sky,
feeling profound, and essentially high.

talk to myself and answer in turn,
no need to go crazy, with excessive concern
Just let it go…
sanction peace from the shade of your soul..

Let it go..
don’t let a mad world swallow you whole..

let it go..
late last night, it was sleep interrupted.
the head noise assembled,and began the discussions.

the subjects were nonsense, and yet so sublime..
Like the cat in the hat was moderating my mind.
just let it go…
let the fog run over the snow..

Let it go…
don’t delude the only brain that you own.

just let it go…
I can feel the summer, in the pouring rain.
Falling on the streets, like it will never end.

And I know you know me,
Like no one else can, and that’s such a fine thing, to share my friend..
Just walking home…
To a place, it’s a space, that we know..

Walking home…
Just down the street to my Sellwood adobe.

Walking home…

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this is a tale from the youngest son,
about a father he once knew,
Born to the great depression,
Under a December moon.

He rode the rails when he was young,
A reluctant vagabond,
Many years have passed and gone,
This is how we remember John.
He was there when we were young and innocent,
Working hard to survive,
So we could exist.

He was there when we were young and on our own,
Helping hold up our dreams,
More than we could ever know.
His parents split when he was young,
His father a mystery,
He changed the path of his past,
To forge the man he would be.

He was a dreamer,
A mathematician, a seeker of the truth,
A dedicated fan of Da Vinci,
Conan, and Dr. Zeus
and I recall his smile most,
There was that twinkle in his eye,
He was a good man of few words,
And we shared his life.
This is for the ones that came before,
That have left the world we see,
We take their place,
In the greater race,
Of current history.

So let’s toast to those that were,
And to those that will be.
To all the mother’s and father’s,
May you find the strength you need.
Hold them close when they are young and innocent,
Be the friend,
When you can,
And you’ll learn how to bend.

And I recall from time to time,
How much I didn’t know,
And the memories fade,
In light cascades,
Into the long ago.

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random radio-
“Said the Queen of Sheba,
was so easy to displease…
and the son of Samson,
grew his hair down to his knees…”
the radio politicians were pandering their lines,
as they discussed Naomi Watts,
in Mulholland Drive.
They were taking their time,
they were somewhat high,
they were driving down the boulevard,
laying plans for Friday at five.
Later that same evening,
near the dark side of the moon.
A shape of some magnitude,
set down on a highland dune.
The Alien technicians were calibrating lines,
for the the Worm Hole projection,
to the Hydra Clusters eye..
They were taking their time,
they were somewhat high,
they were prepping tubes, and tweaking knobs,
plans were laid,
for Friday at five…
Meanwhile back on Earth,
the boys were wielding up the forms.
Gyro’s set per the plans they found – it was a – quarter to four.
They rolled it out in the sunlight,
faced it up into the sky,
got inside and fired it up, and strapped in for the ride…
They were taking their time,
they were somewhat high,
They were riding on the solar winds,
passed Jupiter’s Eye,
it was Friday @ 5!

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It was a dream he had,
of ancient mountain stone.
Of swelling glacial rivers,
flowing to his home…

In the city streets,
the dawn
lights up the morning sky.

In far off lands he hears,
the lovers passion sigh…

High in the fantasy,
he spreads his arms as wings,
he looks up in the sky,
the mountains fill his eyes…

And you know the signs,
but you cannot feel,
you cannot feel
the high…

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