Something lost, something found…
a simple song about trying too hard to look for something, which all along, was right in front of my face.

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

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He walked out,
Into the street all alone..

the rain came down,
the wind was bitter and cold..

the bus was late,
but then it never is on time.

He sat down,
thoughts went spinning through his mind…

I Used to believe, you could search for the truth..
spent so much time, dissecting the blues.
I read the text, from ancient hands,
  that was Scribed so long ago..

I fasted in the woods for days,
and tried so hard to know.
An inner peace, enlightened by,
some words in memory..

But nothing came,
I was still the same,
And I had nothing to show,
nothing to show..


into the night, the diesel lumbered on at last.
The lights flashed by, reflections in the rain swept glass.

He watched the drops, forming patterned waterfalls.
He saw then,
The simple wonder of it all…

I used to believe, you could search for the truth.
I spent my life, dissecting the clues…
what one man calls mythology,
another calls the truth..
words truncate, and we mistake,
the meaning of their clues..
from answers there are questions,
that words cannot explain.
from the simplest form, the universe is born,
in never-ending ways..

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