Essentially High

Essentially – “Constituting the property or characteristic of something that makes it what it is”

This was written about a fine summer day in Sellwood Oregon, walking around, thinking, dreaming and just feeling good.
Combined with an interesting night of dreams, being with my best friend and realizing that nothing imagined is worth the worry, this song took form, the words feeling right and here it is….

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Essentially High

walking on ground, head in the sky,
feeling profound, and essentially high.

talk to myself and answer in turn,
no need to go crazy, with excessive concern
Just let it go…
sanction peace from the shade of your soul..

Let it go..
don’t let a mad world swallow you whole..

let it go..
late last night, it was sleep interrupted.
the head noise assembled,and began the discussions.

the subjects were nonsense, and yet so sublime..
Like the cat in the hat was moderating my mind.
just let it go…
let the fog run over the snow..

Let it go…
don’t delude the only brain that you own.

just let it go…
I can feel the summer, in the pouring rain.
Falling on the streets, like it will never end.

And I know you know me,
Like no one else can, and that’s such a fine thing, to share my friend..
Just walking home…
To a place, it’s a space, that we know..

Walking home…
Just down the street to my Sellwood adobe.

Walking home…

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